FMA, Roy

Fanfic: What Makes A Man - Part 1

Title: What Makes A Man
Author: annepackrat
Genre: Humor/Suspense/Romance
Rating: R

Word Count: About 16,000
Pairing/Characters: Roy/Riza, Knox, Ed, Al, Madam Christmas, and Mustang's posse
Warnings: gender-switch, heterosexual pairing, some adult content
Summary: When investigating a series of alchemy-related murders, Roy and Hawkeye's genders get switched. Now they have to deal with their new bodies and race to undercover the mastermind before more innocent people are killed.

[Fullmetal Alchemists and it's attendant characters and settings are created by Hiromu Arakawa, and distributed by Square-Enix, Viz and Funimation. No profit is made from this story. The villains in this piece and various incidental characters are my own creations. Go Team Venture!]

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Part II is here.

Thanks for reading.

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